Timothy Ramthun has been a resident of the 59th Assembly District and the Kewaskum Community, a majority of his life. This area is his home. He was born and raised here, and he will remain here when he meets his Maker. Tim is a devoted husband of forty (40) blessed years to wife Carolann, is the father of two (2) and a grandfather of eight (8). Tim wants his kids, his grandkids, and all kids, to inherit the same district, State, and nation that is as full of the promise as the one he has enjoyed.

As a young man, Tim developed a very strong and responsible work ethic in serving the needs of the many; his family, neighbors, friends, and even strangers, who then became new friends. Tim will do anything for anyone if it helps in making a difference. Areas of increased responsibility or helping the elderly are his most special. His compassion is legendary in the Kewaskum community, where he also completed his K-12 public education.

Tim’s passion to serve is to do so effectively, with quality in process and execution that always exceeds expectation. Tim’s focus in college was information technology, process methodologies, and accounting, where he obtained technical diplomas and several certifications for his academic credits and high achievement. After graduation, Tim worked entry-level roles in service delivery where within four (4) brief years, he found himself promoted to leadership levels. He’s been serving in that type of capacity since. Tim is a natural in leadership roles. His work ethic and passion for service, success he found from more than three decades resolving private sector business issues for multiple organizations supporting various industries, has chiseled him into a sought-after professional. Tim also owned and operated a small family business for five (5) years with Carolann. Practical experience, which can be applied to today’s challenges and situations, run deep.


Tim is currently serving his sixth year as a seated member of the Kewaskum Board of Education, where he has dutifully and conservatively served within several functions, from Board officer to Committee Chair, to membership of various committees. As an officer, Tim was instrumental in leading the school district through a very difficult transitional period. Tim knows through proven experience how to serve, how to lead, and how to resolve challenges. His overall service capabilities place him head-and-shoulders above his competition, which will enable him to serve the residents of the 59th District well.

Wisconsin faces continued challenges. State government remains too large and is growing in cost, currently $76.1B this biennium. This condition is intrusive to people’s lives and affects the overall tax burden for us all. Whether it’s telling you how your children should be educated, what health insurance you must buy, or how businesses are layered in regulation and bureaucracy, the people have grown concerned about debt and the impact it is having on our society. Tim is and has always remained a fiscal conservative. He believes there is great value in having representation from someone that has extensive private sector experience. Navigating through issues, courageously asking the tough questions that most shy from, ensuring strategic value and return-on-investment in all issues for the taxpayer, and holding people and process accountable for failing to meet expectations, is mission-critical. Wisconsin must sustain its efforts to build our economy with jobs, lower taxation, and continue efforts of structure and fiscal discipline.

Representing people in a governance role is an obligation, a duty that carries great challenge and great reward. People want a representative who is focused on doing right, working both hard and smart, someone who can (and will) both influence and inspire State government to raise its bar of capability and results. Now, more than ever, is the time for Tim. Please consider casting your August 14th ballot for the one who WILL make the desired difference as your representative of the 59th District, Timothy Ramthun!