• Abortion
  • Budget & Economy
  • Civil Rights
  • Corporations
  • Crime
  • Drugs
  • Education
  • Energy & Oil
  • Environment
  • Families & Children
  • Foreign Policy
  • Free Trade
  • Government Reform
  • Gun Control
  • Health Care
  • Homeland Security
  • Immigration
  • Jobs
  • Principles & Values
  • Social Security
  • Tax Reform
  • Technology
  • War & Peace
  • Welfare & Poverty
Tim with his good friend Governor Walker and his best friend/wife Carolann at the Washington County Grand Olde Flag fundraiser.


  • Accountability – I say as I do, do what I say, no nonsense
  • Passionate desire to serve, sustains conservative values and works within means; of Christian faith
  • Focus is on quality, exceeding expectations, doing what’s right
  • Trustworthy, Dependable, Approachable, Giving One’s Word
  • Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-2nd Amendment/NRA, Pro-Veteran, Respectfully supportive of Senior Citizens
Carolann with her new friend Mrs. Walker at the Washington County Grand Olde Flag fundraiser.

Proven Core Competencies:

  • Courageous Leadership, results oriented, service value
  • Strategic Thinker / economic growth visionary / cost effective and fiscally responsible
  • Strong Communications Skills; written, verbal and listening
  • Focus on Performance Standards and Structure
  • Decisiveness, a drive to do the job-not to keep the job
  • Tactful, Strategic, Diplomatic, Resourceful
  • Strong work ethic, highly energetic
Tim campaigning in Hartford and speaking with residents about important issues for District 59.

Extensive private sector experience…

  • Performed continuous business improvement transformations for organizations to exceed service delivery goal expectations (fortune 100/500 companies)
  • 30-plus years of executive leadership, job creation and economic business growth for all business sectors served
  • Diverse executive business acumen encompassing several organizations serving multiple industries
Tim in Hartford, talking with residents about issues, priorities, and what they would like from their next Representative.

In-depth public sector experience…

  • Serves Kewaskum School District as board member; President 2 consecutive years
  • Led district evolution 24/7 through post-Act10/32, addressed dated issues, implemented strategic planning and structure
  • Highly Knowledgeable in local and State Governance, Policy, Legislation and Bylaws, experienced Parliamentarian
  • Has established key networking relationships with multiple State Legislators; attends legislative sessions and is highly knowledgeable in legislative process – has the ability to hit the ground running
Tim Ramthun had the opportunity to speak with Governor Walker and discuss District 59 issues.

Tim’s conservative stance…

  • Opposes status quo and learned behavior; is a visionary ‘gets-it-done’ leader
  • Opposes federalization of education (Common Core State Standards) and HealthCare (ACA)
  • Supports term limits on State-Aid programs, implementation of drug testing eligibility criteria, and incentives that measure participant progress.
  • Supports voter ID, lower taxes, economic growth through tax incentives, job creation for all businesses large and small
  • Supports Improving Public Education / reform the out-dated State subsidy formula
  • Supports the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation and champions continued appreciation of our farming industry
Getting an early start on issues for the 59th district at an event in Madison.